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Consultation and booking

Consultations are the first step in the Tattoo/Piercing process


For walk-ins with small tattoo ideas and most piercings consultations are usually held same day,

Others with bigger ideas require research and drawing time


a consultation usually takes 10-20 mins


What to bring?

Any and all references

any ideas or thoughts (keep track)

wear something so measurments and sizing can be done

Depending on how big the tattoo a deposit

Pricing and Minimum



Tattoos vary just like the people getting them 


Smaller basic designs can be done on a walk-in basis most of the time

Depending on availability which makes appointments handy.


For those with big Ideas in order to get an accurate price quote a consultation is required so that the artist or piercer can get an accurate idea of the area to be worked, dimension and design ability.




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