This awesome custom Dori script tattoo is on point!! The script  is amazing and the blues in dory  are perfect.


This cool piece was done by Dusti. A very awesome custom be happy rose tattoo.


American traditional pinup sailor Jerry flash redesigned with an American flag draped around the body with the classic Traditional pose. Even with the basics of the design it says a lot simplistically with a nice balance tattooed by Dusti Wright.


One half of a matching statement toward sisterhood another a lasting friendship, both halfs are similar but since peoples personalities vary you get a nice twist on the same design. Both tattoos were designed and tattooed by Dusti Wright.


Some really cool illustrated anchors that are both different a his and hers, but matching in meaning to signify and hold a scripture verse that was a close to heart and a date they can never forget, along with some small initials and extras you see some nice water colo...


Black and grey american flag tattoo brought to life by Cisco. Obviously getting in the focal points while making the flag ripple in that long but slinder area is no easy feat but we think he pulled it off nicely.